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BBC History Magazine podcast

Date Posted: 30/10/2011

You can hear me discussing the Glorious First of June, and the confusing issue of who won, in my podcast for the BBC History Magazine, BBCExtra, here: Read More

Glorious First of June Review in

Date Posted: 20/10/2011

Follow this link for the full review. What I particularly like about this page is that Google adwords has linked onto the reign of terror’ or something and appears to be selling guillotines. Read More

Talk Radio Europe Book Club

Date Posted: 20/10/2011

I will be discussing The Glorious First of June on the Hannah Murray Show, Talk Radio Europe, this afternoon at 14.20 British time. Read More

Glorious First of June on Google Earth

Date Posted: 14/10/2011

Glorious First of June 1794 The Glorious First of June is rare for a naval battle because it is named for its date and not for its location. That is because it was fought 140 leagues – or 400 natuical miles –  south west of Ushant: there was no nearby headland or .... Read More

Hatchards Book Signing

Date Posted: 13/10/2011

I will be signing books at Hatchards in Piccadilly on 25 October. See you there!   Read More

Online Interview

Date Posted: 12/10/2011

My interview with about The Glorious First of June is now online. It is now on the homepage but the permanent URL is   Read More

The Great Trafalgar Dispatch Mystery

Date Posted: 09/10/2011

This topic has generated so much discussion on Twitter @navalhistory guy that I have decided to open it up as a blog so everyone can have their say. The problem is this: Why did Collingwood choose Lieutenant John Lapenotiere of the schooner Pickle to carry the Trafalgar .... Read More

The Glorious First of June: The Best Bits

Date Posted: 05/10/2011

The Glorious First of June, the third instalment of the Hearts of Oak Trilogy is now out, so here are some of the most important bits that everyone should know. The battle was fought on 1 June 1794, at the height of the Reign of Terror, when Robespierre and his Jacobin thugs .... Read More

More Images from John Pitt’s Sketchbook

Date Posted: 20/09/2011

 John Pitt has kindly allowed me to post some more images from his unpublished sketchbook, made between 1801 and 1807. Some scenes are certainly made in the Caribbean while other locations are uncertain. The identity of the artist is also uncertain, though there is some .... Read More

Temeraire at Barbados 1801

Date Posted: 10/09/2011

John Pitt from Eastbourne has kindly got in touch with an excellent discovery. Whilst trying to trace a RN ancestor John came across a sketchbook which includes a number of fascinating images, including one of the Temeraire at anchor in Barbados, 1801. She is shown with a .... Read More