Shipwrecks Documentary for BBC 4

Date Posted: 02/08/2013

Here are some photos from a crazy few weeks filming for a 3-part series on Shipwrecks I am filming for the BBC. We began in the Cape Verdes, travelled to Paris to film in the Louvre, went to the Scilly Islands, down to Hastings, and then out to the Goodwin Sands to see the light vessel bobbing around like a forgotten toy. It is no longer manned, but it used to be – and you could see where they all lived and slept. Now THAT must have been properly miserable. We were only on it for twenty minutes and all felt horrific. I will post some photos soon of stage two – with some more interesting locations…for real time updates, follow me on Twitter @shipwreck_sam. See ya there. Bring your friends.

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