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Nelson’s Caribbean Hell-Hole BBC4

Date Posted: 29/04/2013

Hooray! My documentary on an archaeological excavation at English Harbour in Antigua will be broadcast on BBC4 at 9pm on Wednesday. You can see a clip and get more info on the programme at the BBC website.  There are a  few more bits and pieces on the blog I wrote just after .... Read More

BBC2 Turner Documentary

Date Posted: 26/04/2013

Tonight sees the premier of a great little documentary on JMW Turner which looks at his artistic response to the Industrial Revolution. I had the chance to talk about Turner’s painting of George Manby’s crazy life-saving invention, a wonderful example of .... Read More

BBC Radio4 ‘Making History’

Date Posted: 22/03/2013

Yesterday I recorded a piece for Radio4’s  ‘Making History’ program. Tom Holland and I went to the British Library to meet Dr Arnold Hunt, the curator of manuscripts to discuss the amazing collection of Naval Dispatches which my latest book is based on. It .... Read More