The Chesapeak

Date Posted: 15/06/2012

From New York I made it in one piece to the Chesapeak to take part in their festival ‘OpSail 2012’, all linked with the Bicentenary of the War of 1812. Which, in today’s headlines of ‘USA Today’, they cheerfully describe as their ‘whatever’ War. ‘Canadians see the conflict as its crucible of national identity. Americans, not so much.’ Funny.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be invited onto the tallship Eagle, the US Coastguard’s officer training ship, and we led the parade of sail from our anchorage off Virginia beach all the way into Norfolk. You will see from one photo that we were shadowed some of the way by a lunatic who had attached a hang-glider’s wing to a zodiac to create a sort of flying speedboat.

The ship then sailed on to Baltimore and I hotfooted it to Washington and from there into the wastelands of the Adirondacks, which I will tell you about soon….

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